• Joshua Benz

Thomas Jefferson Memorial Surprise Sunset Engagement | Irina and Alex

November 21, 2018

Irina and Alex met in the Fall of 2013 during a Hispanic Law Student's Association meeting at the George Washington University Law School in Washington, DC. Being from Miami, and avid Miami Heat fans, they became fast friends. A few Heat-game hangouts later and Irina was sold. After graduation they moved down to Miami to begin their careers. Fast forward a few years later and they're back in DC visiting friends, when Alex popped the question at one of her favorite places, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. We scouted the Jefferson Memorial several days before Alex and Irina's arrival to find the perfect location for Alex's surprise sunset proposal, a small enclave or evergreen trees at the base of the memorial by the tidal basin that provided some privacy as well as amazing views of the Washington Monument. Our team nonchalantly hung out near the tree line blending in with the other tourists while Alex brought Irina over and popped the question! We were able to document their special moment and the rest is history! Congratulations to Irina and Alex on their upcoming wedding in Miami!


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